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Help! There's a Liberal in the Corner Office by Kathleen Kelly

Help! There's a Liberal in the Corner Office

A Conservative's Guide to the Everybody-Gets-A-Ribbon Liberalization in Corporate America

by Kathleen Kelly

Pages: 136

Dimensions: 5.5 x 8.5

  • RELIGION - General

Type : Paperback

ISBN : 9781604775532

Price : $14.99

Type : Hardcover

ISBN : 9781604775549

Price : $22.99's true. It's pretty darned hard to be a principled conservative in today's corporate world. In fact, it more or less can get you fired. In nearly 20 years seeking the "perfect-storm" of merit, principle, dedication, faith, fact, truth, right-is-good-and-wrong-is-just-wrong governed by general honesty in the modern day Corporate America I am sorry to break it to you; it just doesn't exist. This book will chronicle real events that have happened in Corporate America; the good, the bad, the downright shocking and frankly the very frightening state of affairs of what the "Everybody-Gets-A-Ribbon" liberal movement and the Political Correctness nonsense have done to business. If you wanted to get work done, promote someone, fire someone, move someone, pray for someone, expose someone and generally cut through the office political goo in the Corporate environment consider yourself forewarned that the rules of the game have changed.dramatically. Kathleen Kelly is a 20-year veteran of the corporate circus holding down very senior and not-so-senior roles at some of the nation's biggest companies (and some of the smallest, never-heard-of, probably-out-of-business-by-now companies too). Born and raised on the east coast, Kelly spends much of her time ducking "emotional, feel-good grenades" hurled by liberal counterparts and spends free time "building consensus" in target practice at the gun range by working on her groupings. She is proud of her plebian "State University Degree" and has sworn to never utter "B-school" in conversation again. The self-described "political freak" and her equally armed spouse live in a great city in the greatest country in the world raising two future "Evil Republicans" who will no doubt skip the corporate circus and follow their parents into Entrepreneurship. In her spare time Kelly is a busy writer, political mouthpiece, and speeding-ticket-collector along with cooking up some legendary desserts.

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