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Through a Glass Darkly: The Silhoutte by Elizabeth Hamler Ward

Through a Glass Darkly: The Silhoutte

Memoir of a Woman's Life

by Elizabeth Hamler Ward

Pages: 496

Dimensions: 7.5 x 9.25

  • RELIGION - General

Type : Paperback

ISBN : 9781600345609

Price : $30.99

Through a Glass Darkly: the Silhouette reads like a lesson in faith. In describing a young woman's life, it shows how she overcomes fear to cope with emotional pain. From the moment she is born unseen angels guard her path. As the tale begins, the heavenly Beings gather to value her life. And the life of the man she will marry. The action then moves to the woman's point of view. Having lived as a child with a schizophrenic mother, she tells of the heartbreak it brought and the inexplicable shame. Relationships are forced on her-some she can't bear to reveal. The answers must come from the angels. Watching the story unfold through their eyes, we no longer see through a glass darkly: all becomes chillingly clear. Born in Tampa in the 1920s, Elizabeth grew up in Florida. Shaped like a twig but tomboy tough, she made it through her childhood falling into creeks and out of trees. Some of her classmates had no shoes. Thinking it fun to go barefoot, she'd take off her school shoes and hide them in a hollow tree. She joined the Navy in World War II and married a sailor named Ward. They went off to college after the war. She majored in English, dreamed of becoming a writer. A technical firm hired her to proofread publications, then promoted her to edit on discovering she could write. She worked at teaching her engineer bosses to clean up their gobbledy-gook. Widowed in her seventies, she wrote a story about her life before becoming a believer. Still writing every day, she winters in Charlotte with one of her daughters, and summers in Chicago with the other.

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