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Joanna by Maria Rosaria Iuliano


by Maria Rosaria Iuliano

Pages: 420

Dimensions: 6 x 9

  • RELIGION - General

Type : Paperback

ISBN : 9781594677397

Price : $22.49

From rags to riches. That’s the story of Joanna, a homeless woman. After ten years of living on the streets, she finally meets a good-hearted soul, Maria, who takes her in and helps her conquer her fate, one step at a time, one day at a time. In a few months, Joanna is transformed from an ugly duckling, with yellow teeth and stringy hair, into a beautiful, ravishing woman who entraps the heart of her boss, Giovanni. He is a handsome widower, the owner of the restaurant where Joanna finds work as dishwasher. Through many prayers, Maria and Joanna see their lives changed daily. Miracles happen. Maria tells Joanna of her mystical dreams concerning an apparition of the Virgin Mary and asks her to keep them secret because others have labeled her schizophrenic because of them. Joanna heeds her warning because she starts experiencing them herself. They bond like sisters. 

Author Photo

MARIA ROSARIA IULIANO is a self-taught writer who loves to read romantic novels. In this, her first novel, she brings the flavor of her native Italy. She includes cooking, customs, and Italians men’s views of women as she remembers them from growing up there and compares them to today’s standards. She is very concerned about morality, social issues, and religion. She incorporates all these factors into her novel. She also touches issues such as sexual molestation, homelessness, and mental illness. She is now retired and lives in San Diego. A Born-Again Christian, she has experienced Christianity at a visceral level, and she is always searching and exploring. To her, life is a never-ending adventure. God bless you!!

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