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Death of the Justice System by Linda Achor

Death of the Justice System

The Fatal Tragedy of the Court Transcripts

by Linda Achor

Pages: 386

Dimensions: 8.5 x 11

  • LAW - Civil Rights
  • LAW - Court Records
  • LAW - Evidence

Type : Paperback

ISBN : 9781498408462

Price : $27.99

No Tapes  =  No Justice!
Judge Brian Barnett Duff, Seventh Circuit Federal District Court; Duff talking about the audiotapes; “If you could get them, then everybody in the world could get them, and we would be playing them every night on Channel 7, Channel 5, Channel 2, and Channel 9, and Channel 6 and Channel 32 whenever they wanted them.”
DOJS 2nd Edition pg 199; Wzorek v. City of Chicago, No. 84 C 9978, Transcript of 23Jul1992, pg 3 line 22-25.
Judge Richard Posner, Seventh Circuit Federal District Appeals Court “The question presented by the present case—a question on which we cannot find any case law—is whether, or more precisely when, audiotapes of a judicial proceeding should be deemed judicial records within the meaning of the access rule.”
“A transcript was made from the tape, but the transcript is not the original; the tape is...he has a right of access.”
“We do not think that these should be deemed judicial records, unless some reason is shown to distrust the accuracy of the stenographic transcript.”
Smith v. U.S. District Court Officers Nos. 98-1423, 98-1548: 203 F.3d 440 (2000)

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